Partition Logic User Manual


'Move' button
'Move' Partition menu item

The move function is used to physically move a partition on the disk.  At present, only primary partitions can be moved in this way.  To move a partition, there must be empty space adjacent to it in the direction you want to move.  To move a partition you must first select it in either the partition diagram or the partition list (when the selected item is empty space, this function is disabled).  Before moving any partition, you must commit any outstanding changes using the write changes function, or else undo your changes using the undo function.  Once a move commences the data is physically moved on disk, so you cannot subsequently use the undo function to reverse the move (rather, you would have to move the partition back again).  A move operation can take a considerable time to complete, and is quite invasive.  Backing up all important data is strongly encouraged.

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